JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 19 June 2015

Today has been another rest day. I’ve spent pretty much the whole day in bed again, sleeping and resting. There is definitely a pattern emerging here. It seems like every 7-10 days I just need to crash out.

I wasn’t feeling low today, just extremely fatigued and hungry. I got up about 12:00 and I ate a double bowl of porridge with yoghurt and toasted almond flakes, followed shortly afterwards by a chicken, omelette wrap. I tried to watch some 80’s TV but I was soon fast asleep again.

I woke up a couple more times and got up about 18:00ish to eat some lasagne and garlic bread for dinner. I then watched some streaming TV, which maybe wasn’t the best thing for me, as there was some nudity and LGBT sex scenes which I couldn’t help but become aroused by. I didn’t act on them, so this is a good thing and I guess ultimately just a normal human reaction to such images. I was mindful of my feelings and didn’t let them take control of me. Progress.

I did my meditation and then read for about 45 minutes before putting my head down and going to sleep.

I’m writing this journal entry the following day again, as I was too tired to write it last night.

I can confirm that I had a very broken sleep pattern last night. I felt like I never really got to sleep and my health band also confirmed this. I got 6 hours sleep but woke up 19 times during the night. Compare this with last Wednesday nights sound sleep, where I got over 7 hours and only woke up 8 times.

The mind is a curious thing indeed.

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