3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge : Day 3

Day 3 – Quote 3

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was on the right lines, he just directed it to the wrong recipient. If I talk to your ego then guess who listens? If I speak to myself I will hear what I say. Don’t try and be the change. Simple accept that I am the change.

As a co-dependent I’ve spent my entire life trying to manipulate and control others. I’ve dished out countless words of wisdom and many insights into enlightenment and wisdom.

‘ I ‘ have never listened to a word I have actually said. Until now.

As long as you’re not hurting me or adversely affecting my life, then you crack on. If you choose to like me then that’s wonderful. If I choose to like you then it’s because I feel a connection between the two of us and that for me is wonderful. You’re either waking up or awake, either way, we’re both going to the same party, so to speak 🙂

The problem is, everything that we humans do on planet earth, does ultimately affect all of us. The most obvious of these being Global Heating. I’ve felt compelled to preach about this my whole life, but not any more.

I can’t change the world. I can only change myself. If my reality is something that you aspire to then I am happy to share this journey with you, in the hope that we may both become greater together than we could have become on our own.

An intention is only an intention until you manifest it into reality. If we all became the change we wish to see in the world then wouldn’t that be something truly amazing and actually effortless too.

Rather than genetically modifying crops and animals to make more food and more money, we could simply redistribute the excess food that we already produce. This would not only solve the starvation crisis that we current have but may also go some way to solving the every increasing obesity crisis.

If we all realised that we are all just children of the earth rather than people who belong to a country, religion or political party, we would soon realise that we are simply guests on planet earth. The oil in the ground does not belong to anyone, it belongs to the earth and if we chose to use it then it should be available to everyone. We’re all ultimately going to pay the price if we kill our planet anyway. Why make money out of something as stupid as fossil fuels? We have alternate technology that can provide free, limitless energy, but there is no profit in it, so we all continue to pay the price for consuming the planets natural resources. Technically you can’t own anything. Nothing is ours to own. We humans created laws to enforce the concept of ownership to protect those that ‘have’ stuff from the people who really, really need stuff. Laws exist to maintain the divide, not to maintain the peace. Peace is a state of being, not something that is found with the barrel of a loaded gun.

If we all connected to our conscious-self and realised that we don’t have to listen to or act upon the thoughts generated in the mind (the ego), then we would all love ourselves and in that moment we would love everyone else and everything else alone with ourselves. We are all ‘the universe made manifest’. We are all part of the universe, just in different physical forms. It’s this commonality that will eventually unite us when we realise that we are just consciousness experiencing matter and energy in a physical form.

When you ‘read’ these words and you ‘think’ you understand their meaning, that is your mind processing it.

When you ‘know’ these words you realise that you and I are the same consciousness and we already know each other, you are awake.

If the above makes sense, try the following:

Say out loud “I wrote these words” and you will know that ‘we’ did indeed.

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