JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 08 July 2015

90 minutes ago I was just about to conclude my day as being another good day. That’s good enough, right. Don’t get me wrong, today has been a really good day. I’ve been at Day 1 of the Ashes cricket in Cardiff and been witness to a really good days cricket with my Dad and his old pal Alun. I was grateful for everything that happened today.

After the cricket we went to a nice restaurant for dinner. As the evening progressed, the conversation turned to why I had chosen to be quiet for most of the day. I simply answered Alun’s question with a question of my own. ‘When you are talking, who’s actually doing the talking?’

It soon became clear that I may need to explain my question a little more. So I said, ‘You chose to talk. I chose to listen.’

When I talk I am simply repeating something that I already know. When I listen, I learn something new.

That is a very mindful quotation and the first time I heard it I thought, oh yeah, I might learn something new if I just shut up sometimes, rather than preaching at people. After all, I don’t know everything. In fact I know nothing.

I now regard this quote in a slightly different manner. When my mind talks it is just repeating what it thinks it knows. When I (conscious-self) listen, the universe manifests its intentions. This is generally regarded as synchronicity.

So in answer to Alun’s question, ‘I listen because I chose to learn new things rather than repeat what I already know.’

He asked if I had written any of this stuff down. I said yes and I offered him a choice, to read what I know and to accept whatever happens next or to continue along his current path. He chose his current path. I didn’t press the point, as there was no point, but he did continue to question me and we had an interesting conversation.

When we got to the hotel my dad wanted to go straight to bed, but Alun wanted a night cap. I was feeling a little tired and because I am sharing a room with my dad, I would probably have gone to bed right then if my dad had. Instead we both joined Alun for a drink. I obviously had a glass of tap water. I’m not an alcoholic, I know I’ve got a drink problem lol.

My dad had gone for a pee and Alun and I were talking about health issues. I say we, Alun was talking about his life and his poor health choices and why he didn’t see a point in giving up things like booze, as it was actually beneficial to him and helped him sleep.

Just after my dad returned a fellow guest from a group of about 8 gents started to have a fit and started turning blue. I looked over and knew what I was witnessing. None of them looked like they knew what to do and they had all been drinking, whereas I had not.

My free will kicked in and I saw the choice in front of me. If I don’t act this chap might die. If I do something then he still might die, but his odds may be slightly higher if a calm head provides some assistance. I am the change I chose to see in the world.

I knew what to do. I didn’t think. I did.

I am.

The chap, who I later found out was called ‘Neil’ (so he survived 🙂 ) was struggling to breath. I placed him in the recovery position and made sure he was breathing. I remained absolutely calm and put myself in his shoes. What would I want someone to do for me if I was in that position? So I just did exactly that. I became Neil. In that moment I was Neil. I asked his mates what his name was and they told me. I looked into his eyes and saw myself and said ‘Neil, you’re safe’. In a calm and soothing voice I told him to remain calm and to focus on his breathing. I repeated, ‘Neil, you are safe’.

After about 5 minutes he started to slur something. He said ‘I’m afraid. I don’t know who I am. I’m scared. I want to go home’. I looked into his eyes and said ‘it’s OK, I know who you are and you are safe’.

I could sense that he was clearly disorientated and afraid. I said, ‘I’m Dan. Neil, I need you to do me a favour. Can you do that for me? I need you to just look after yourself at the moment. Just relax and stay calm. You are safe. Just focus on your breath and keep breathing.’

I managed to get a pillow under his head and he lay back down and seemed a bit more peaceful. I mopped his forehead with a tissue to remove some of the sweat as he was perspiring a lot. I rubbed his back gently and just kept repeating ‘Just be calm Neil. You are safe Neil. Just relax Neil.’

After another 5 minutes or so the paramedic arrived and took over.

I was still completely calm and at peace. I hadn’t freaked out. I hadn’t got scared. I just remained in the moment and I helped Neil to help himself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling a little adrenaline pumped, but I am calm and I am at peace.

What I found amusing afterwards was two things:

Firstly, that Alun actually finished his drink. After just telling me that he would quit when he knew he had too, I was like, dude… you did just witness the same event that I did, right? Now might be a good time to make that choice. I accept I can’t make that choice for him, so I just chuckled inside to myself.

Secondly, when Alun said to knock for him in the morning, I asked what number his room was. He said ‘211’. LMFAO!!! I did start laughing out loud because I saw the clue right there. Two 11, as in 11-11 is the sign of synchronicity. I’m not making this stuff up. Google it.

Even after I explained the meaning of 11-11, he still didn’t get it and I can only assume this is because he wasn’t listening… yet.

I know what I just experienced and if that isn’t proof enough, then guess what happened next.

About an hour later, all the chaps from Neil’s group came over to thank me and to say goodnight. I was truly humbled and felt like I only did what I knew I was supposed to do right then, nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone had now gone to bed so I thought it was time to write my journal. I am still sat in the hotel bar at this point, where the previous incident just happened.

Then a young lady appears and asks reception to ring her a cab. She is shortly joined by a young chap. She is sat in the same seat as Neil. The seat he just had his epileptic fit in. Clue..?

They started to argue, quietly. From what I could gather, they had come back to the hotel together for the night. He was clearly drunk and she was clearly uncomfortable about him being around her. She was saying how he wasn’t treating her with respect and that he started off earlier in the day as a lovely guy, but now he was just being horrible to her and she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. She kept saying she just wanted to go home.

OK universe, you have peaked my interest again and I’m listening. I keep my head down and I keep writing my journal entry, listening to what was being said and how it was being said.

She left in the taxi after about 5 minutes and he went back to his room.

5 minutes later he is back and he’s asking the concierge what cab company she just left with? He tells him. This drunk chap then rings the cab company and starts asking for the details of the women who has just been picked up. He’s being a bit pushing and this is feeling more and more wrong to me by the second.

I decide to save this journal entry, put my laptop down and walk over to the concierge and say ‘does any of this feel wrong to you?’ He replies by saying ‘nothing like this has ever happened before’. No help there then lol

I turn and look the drunk chap in the eyes and ask him what appears to be the problem. (Remember at this point I am only listening, I’m not talking and I’m not projecting any emotions or judgements, just curiosity). The drunk chap says ‘I think my wallet has been stolen’.

Bingo! Thanks buddy. That’s the next clue. I ask the concierge to ring the police as there has been a theft and it needs reporting. He picks up the phone and calls the police. As the drunk chap takes the phone from the concierge, he thanks me as I go to sit back down. Perfect!

He talks to the police on the phone for about 15 minutes. They have all his details and I have restored my peace of mind so I can be attentive to myself again. If his intentions were anything other than appropriate to the situation, then the police now have a record of the incident between him and her. If something should happen to her, at least I know that I did everything in my power to try and keep her identity from him safe. I did not try and keep her safe. That is her responsibility. Only offer advice and help when asked.

If indeed a crime was committed then shame on her and the police will hopefully get involved and retrieve his wallet. I should have mentioned that he is Australian, so he did actually seemed concerned that he had lost some important documents.

Either way. I didn’t need to do anything else. I heard what I was listening to, applied my free will and allowed the universe to guide me, without prejudice or judgement. Again, by remaining in the moment, I separated myself from my thoughts and feelings and thus remained in control of my actions. I acted as my intention manifested itself.

In both situations this evening, my motive was simply love. I love everyone and everything unconditionally and accept them for who or what they are, unconditionally. Because that was my intention I knew that no harm could come to me and no harm would come to anyone else.

  • If the drunk dude wakes up with a hangover in the morning and finds his wallet in the bathroom, then he’ll feel a little silly.
  • I’ll sleep well knowing that that young lady, for tonight anyway, has remained anonymous.
  • Neil recovered after about an hour and went to bed

I just keep sitting here writing my journal, acknowledging that I know what happened this evening because I experienced it. I don’t have to believe it, I don’t have to think it. I know it. And that’s the difference.

If I am the change that I wish to see in the world then from my perspective, the world just got a little better. I interpret that as I choose to.

I’m bursting with the energy of love right now and if I could give each and everyone of you a hug then I would. I love you all.

OK. HOLY SHIT. Two police men have just walked in. If that’s not sign enough that I can now go to bed this evening and leave the rest of the night to the professionals, then I don’t know what is.

If I doubt, I don’t know. I keep doing until I do know. When I know I know, I know.

PS: A lesson learnt from tonight was that Neil had not made his friends aware of his medical condition. So no one knew what was happening or what was wrong with him when his seizure happened. He had made a choice to not taken responsibility for his own life and his own well-being by choosing not to share important information about his health with the people he was with. I could apportion blame for this mentally to our ‘nanny state’ culture, but it isn’t. It was Neil’s fault. No one else’s. Maybe tonight will have given Neil the experience to realise that if he doesn’t want to put himself at unnecessary risk, he needs to place more value in his own life and share important information with people.

I acknowledge that no one is going to live my life for me and no one else should have to spend their life looking after me. If I look after myself then the universe will look after me. After all, I am the universe made manifest.

Right, this is getting silly. 2 more police offices just walked in. lol Night x

PPS: One final thing, as I’m now back in the my room. Before I left I went over to the four police men and thanked them for making the choice to put themselves in harms way for the good of others. I said it must be a thankless task and they agreed. That’s a little sad, but then they don’t do it for the thanks. I asked if I could shake their hands and they agreed. I very briefly explained this evening events and said I was glad that they had turn up and had taken it as a sign. They said they don’t get together for coffee very often and hadn’t done so in months. They wished me a good nights sleep. Which I felt very grateful for and safe in the knowledge that tonight has proven to me, without a shadow of a doubt that miracles happen every where, but you have to be awoken to witness them 🙂

Love yourselves people and the universe will take care of the rest. And by love I mean ‘unconditional self acceptance’ for the magical thing called life, which I am 🙂


6 Replies to “JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 08 July 2015”

    1. Hello 🙂

      Nice to meet you and thanks for reading and also leaving a comment, that’s really kind and very much appreciated. I am taking a bit of time out from writing at the moment, just a few days, as I am taking some time for myself, to adjust to some changes. Life has sort of been turned inside out, if you know what I mean, but in the best way possible, so everything is A OK with me 🙂

      I hope to be back writing again real soon. It’s always good to know that there are always lovely people out there who are willing and able to offer their support when it’s needed, even if it’s anonymously, so thank you 🙂
      Be well my friend. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Terri,

        Again, I humbly thank you for your kindness. Today I can say that I know I will have a wonderful week and here’s how 🙂 I just enjoy this moment and then when a day or a week has passed I can choose to reflect on the wonderful moments I have just witnessed and shared with others.

        I wish you peace, love and happiness in every moment of your day. Be whatever you want to be today 🙂 I choose to be happy and contented. I am now happy and contented. It really does work when you stop believing in won’t 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there 🙂

      Pleased to meet you. Thanks for dropping by and reading about my experience and taking the time to leave a comment. It’s always lovely to meet new people and your feedback is very much appreciated.

      Thank you my friend and be well. x


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