JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 19 July 2015

I have had another wonderful day in recovery today. I’ve spent the day in the company of my dad, brother, sister, my sisters partner, my sisters partners mother and my two nieces.

I have spend most of the my day being childlike with my two nieces and I have absolutely loved every single minute of it. We have played, we have had fun, we have explored nature, we have learnt about how things in the world work and we have also had a water fight.

This might sound a little weird, but children are just so much more interesting than grown ups. Children are naturally curious and they see the world as it really is, not as they have been taught to understand it. Children have yet to learn and understand caution, so they sometimes don’t know how to look after themselves properly, because they are unaware of danger. As adults, we project fear into them about doing certain things. IMHO this is wrong. Fear does not exist. It is all in the mind. Danger, however, is very real.

When I am with my nieces, they teach me how to become curious again and I use my experience and awareness to make sure that we all experience curiosity whilst applying a little caution and not taking any unnecessary risks.

When I’m around my nieces I learn that I haven’t grown old at all, I’ve just grown up a bit. When I let go of everything that I think I knew and just accept everything for what it is, I begin to see things that I had never even bothered to take the time to notice before.

Once you’re in the moment, it never ends and time ceases to exist. As children, we can’t wait to grow up so that we can tell other people what to do, just like our parents and teachers do to us when we are children. In our haste to grow old, we forget that we are actually, still, just children of the earth.

I don’t just let my inner child out every once in a while, I am a child who got lost playing the silly games that adults decide to play.

Find the moment and then stay there and be well. x

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