JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 20 July 2015

Whilst today was another good day, not a lot happened really. I realised that I needed to start pulling my finger out and making an effort to actually start the process of officially winding down my company. Because of this I have spent, what felt like a lot of time, today sat in front of a computer screen, backing stuff up.

It did start very well though, as I had a meeting with another MD about some potential work writing for them as a freelance journalist. It would mainly be about IT related stuff, but as this is my current area of expertise, I might as well learn a new skill whilst using the knowledge of my old skills. It sounds really interesting and would also make me part of a team again, so that I had people to share and learn from, rather than blindly leading others nowhere lol.

I have also offered my services to them to migrate their existing on premise IT set up to ‘the cloud’. I’m not going to charge them any money for doing it, as I no longer want to earn money, but I have said, if they are pleased with what I do, then I will accept donations, as they see fit. I rather like that idea.

I also had a very interesting SAA meeting this evening. I did a very brief share on my experience of meditation and mindfulness and it seemed to take the group into a slightly different direction to normal. There is normally a lot of talk about the problems, whereas tonight, there was a lot of people sharing their wisdom around solutions. It was a very positive and enlightening 90 minutes.

After SAA I went to watch a movie at the cinema with Stuart. It was an entertaining film and I liked how they they had rebooted the franchise. Nice ideas, if not holy unrealistic lol.

The best thing about today was that I have seem an old friend Dave, and felt absolutely relaxed in his company. I had seen him a few days earlier and had felt the same. I know I’m recovering because I am starting to feel genuine connections with people again. I also feel like I have made a new friend in Stuart too. It was really cool to just go to the cinema and watch a movie with someone that I really like. I know we both enjoyed it and both came away feeling like we had both achieved some kind of ‘normality’.

Anyway, I didn’t get back until gone midnight and then wrote an email to a a friend in need, so I haven’t had chance to write this post until Wednesday, but better late than never and it’s just made me realise what an amazing day I actually had on Monday. I now choose to forget the boring IT stuff and remember the friends, connections and the moments that I shared with people today 🙂

Be well people. x

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