JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 21 July 2015

Downloading stuff from the internet is pretty quick, but uploading it takes a while, because of that I have had to monitor my laptop to make sure it has been backing up what I need it to.

However, I have had an amazing day today. I went back into see the company that I met with yesterday and I performed a brief audit of their internal IT systems. It was great fun and I had a wonderful time talking with everyone and getting to know them and what they do. It looks like moving them to ‘the cloud’ is a viable option and shouldn’t cost them any more annually than they are paying in maintenance agreements today.

I also spoke with the editorial director about writing for them and have suggested that if I am interested in the work I will make the effort to write each article well in advance, so that he can review it and I can learn from his experience as a journalist and a publisher. I used to hate deadlines, because it felt like a chore. If I do them as a hobby and give myself plenty of time then there is no pressure and it becomes a joyful experience, rather than something I dread doing.

More importantly today though, I had my first therapy session in three weeks.

Today was very interesting because I am not now the same person that she last met three weeks ago.

I have arranged to see her again in two weeks time for a single session and then she is going on holiday for three weeks, so I then won’t see her for a month. This is good timing because I actually think she now needs some time and space to process her understanding of our shared experiences.

She had passed some information onto another psychologist, to get a second opinion on my mental state, given the rather rapid turnaround in my recovery. It turns out that her second opinion actually questioned what I was hoping to get out of therapy, as she said I seemed very in touch and aware of myself. This is good news because it means everything that I have experienced over the last two weeks and continue to experience more and more every day, isn’t the thinking, feelings or actions of a mad man.

I know I’m not crazy, but it’s good to know that the professionals don’t ‘think’ I’m crazy.

Anyway, I’ve chalked up another rather amazing day this week and it’s still only Tuesday.

Be well people. x


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