JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 24 July 2015

A mostly uneventful day really. Apart from doing my brother a favour just after 11am this morning, I’ve had the day to myself and if I’m honest, I’ve really enjoyed it, even though I’ve not really done much.

It’s been pouring with rain all day, which is actually a good thing, as I love the rain and the plants really, really needed it. I love how everything smells that much fresher when it rains and there is a clean and calming stillness in the air as the rain falls.

Rain is such a perfect example of matter/energy transference. Water falls from the sky as matter, it receives energy from the light of the sun and the water begins to evaporate. As the single water molecules gather in the sky they combine and begin to form larger water particles, which eventually becomes rain water again.

Remove some energy from water and it freezes. Add energy to water and it evaporates. With just the right amount of energy water remains liquid and we need to drink liquid water to survive, as our bodies are about 60% water. Isn’t that amazing 🙂

Today I continue to be grateful for my sobriety and for the simple pleasures in life, such as the cool water that I drink, the warm water that I shower with, the plentiful water from the sky that cleanses and nourishes the earth as the rain falls.

I remain mindful of those who are still suffering and pray for courage and strength for those who remain willing and continue to better themselves through recovery.

You only need to remain sober 1 moment at a time, each moment leads on to the next and every second becomes a minute and every minute become an hour and every hour becomes a day. You only have to want to stay safe and sober in this moment, on this day. If we can do it today, then we can take what we have learned yesterday and practice it again tomorrow.

The more we stay sober the more we learn that tomorrow never comes…

Carpe diem

Seize the day

Be well. x

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