JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 31 July 2015

This is the easiest of all the questions to answer:

What if?

If ‘what’ is the easiest question to answer then ‘why’ must surely be equal to the most difficult question to answer.

I hear you ask… ‘Why’ is ‘what if?’ the easiest of all the questions to answer? Good question…

Because I can manifest the results of ‘what if?’ instantaneously.

What if I stop drinking? If I want to know what happens when I stop drinking, I can choose to stop drinking.

What does the world look like from over there? If I want to know the answer to that question, I can choose to move over there. Then I will know the answer to that question.

Fear kept me in the dark for a long time because I kept asking myself ‘why’ I drank, instead of acknowledging that I already knew ‘what’ happened if I drank.

I was trying to answer a deep and spiritual question (why?) without first acknowledging ‘what’ I AM.

Because I could not answer the why? I believed (incorrectly) that I was alone and that isolation continued to manifest fear within me.

When I became aware that I AM an alcoholic, I ceased to be an alcoholic and became a recovering alcoholic. The simple difference is the acknowledgement of what I AM doing, not why I AM doing it.

When I AM in the rooms, I AM no longer alone. When I AM alone, I AM with myself. I AM never alone.

When I know ‘what’ I AM doing I have answered the first question, so I can naturally progress onto the next answer.

Only when I cheated and tried to run before I could walk did I stumble and fall.

Be well people. x

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