JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 07 August 2015

I will admit, today has been and continues to be a little tough.

There is a festival going on literally in my back garden right now. I mean a proper festival and it’s about 250 meters away. There is loud pumping music, fair ground rides, fast food and lots of scantily clad women screaming and shouting.

I know it is simply my mind exercising its right to fantasise, but I choose not to indulge it. That said, when the bass is this loud and is vibrating the house, it’s a little more challenging than usual to maintain a calm, peaceful and passive interior.

Something in me wishes to participate in the event, but the part of me that knows better, knows that that is not a good idea right now.

For the last couple of months I have found sobriety and celibacy quite a simple task to master, mainly because if I do not go looking for trouble, then it is very difficult for trouble to find me. That said, when trouble lands in your back garden it is very difficult to ignore and I am finding it more challenging than usual to remain sane.

I have meditated today, prepared and eaten fresh, wholesome food. Relaxed quietly on the sofa whilst listening to the cricket and have watched a very interesting film this evening. I AM rather glad that I shall be spending the next couple of nights away again, camping in a very quiet and very dark part of the UK countryside.

Today I AM practising what I preach. If I can get through today then tomorrow will be a new day with new possibilities. I only need to remain clean and sober today, for tomorrow will take care of itself.

Today I AM grateful that I have my freedom. I AM mindful that there are many who do not and many more who do not even know what freedom is.

Peace be with you and be well. x

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