JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 25 August 2015

The paradox that my mind is still struggling to fully accept is that of the awareness of both consequence and choice.

Essentially everything continues to exist, including me, in the absence of choice. A choice was made at the very beginning and the consequences of that choice are still manifesting themselves and continuing to unfold along a predetermined path in this very moment.

However, I have and always have a choice to change the direction of that predetermined path. This is what I have come to accept as the choice of free will.

I AM aware that I AM manifesting my own reality. So it should not be a surprise to me when my expected outcome manifests itself, as it has done today. I KNOW why this happened because it is the consequence of a choice that I made along time ago.

The bit I struggle with is the fact that because I AM now aware of the predetermined outcome of that original choice, I have the choice as to whether or not I accept that consequences of that choice or whether to change the direction of the path.

I AM beginning to understand that this choice is what I often refer to as ‘EVOLUTION’.

If everything remains the same then nothing ever changes, but once something different is perceived, it cannot be ignored. It must be explored until it’s purpose has been identified, understood and thus KNOWN.

This is how I image the beginning of something when only nothing existed. For example: Once there was only the dark, but the dark had to choose to ‘evolve’ into light in order to fully understand what both dark and light were and what they were capable of.

The responsibility of LIFE is to trust itself to make the correct choice, in order to sustain LIFE without adversely affecting everything which LIFE has already created.

Once the choice is fully understood, then it no longer remains a choice because the outcome is already known and has thus already happened. It is the purpose of such things as the human experience and human existence, to perceive the consequences of the choice unfold at a much slower pace that it actually does, in order for the manifestation of the reality of the choice to be fully understood and thus appreciated.

Essentially LIFE is all KNOWING and all DOING. It always has, it is right now and it always will do. It is our job to understand the choice and to give it meaning, thus associate a purpose with the origin of the choice/consequence.

I shall leave you with a quote…

What is there left for Earth if all of creation falls around us? There’s nothing. No hope, no dream, no future, no life. Unless we turn from the cycle of death toward something greater. If we are a dying people, then let us die with honour, by helping the others as no one else can… We are fighting to save one another, we must realise we are not alone. We rise and fall together. And some of us must be sacrificed if all are to be saved. Because, if we fail in this, then none of us will be saved. And the Earth will be only a memory.

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