JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 29 January 2016

I woke up feeling sore this morning, which is a good feeling as it means I’m working my body in ways that it hasn’t been worked in a while. I was also aware that my general positivism had carried over from the previous evening, so this was the best start to a day that I have had in the last month šŸ™‚

Breakfast today was the usual porridge, flaxseed, yoghurt and almond flakes.

Yoga was rather intense today, but in a great way. The theme was vibration, so there was a lot of shaking. It felt like traditionalĀ NativeĀ American orĀ Aboriginal tribal dancing, connecting my spirit with my body and my body to the earth. There was lots of sweat and it was great fun, which is also quite a new experience for me, dancing, of sorts, in a room with other people.

I was also amazed at how difficult I found the sleeping tiger pose, which we had to hold for 12 minutes. It shows me that my energy blockage is most centred around my pelvic area. I felt very weak in my abdomen, my pelvis and my legs. I’m not saying that my upper body is in great condition either, as my shoulders and neck are also suffering, but the real uncontrollable body shaking comes from the waist down.

I was also rather emotional towards the end of the session and could feel a few tears wanting to break through, but decided to hold them back. Maybe next time. I’m pretty sure they would have been tears of joy though, as I was also smiling like a Cheshire cat at times.

I came away from Yoga today feeling full of energy and really positive about myself.

When I got home I showered and then had two tortilla omelette wraps. Then the tiredness started to come over me. Not in a bad, mental way that you get with depression, but a general body tiredness. After lying on the sofa for maybe an hour and a half I decided to eat some couscous and cheese and then went to bed.

I pretty much fell asleep straight away and must have been asleep for 3 hours. I could probably have stayed there for the duration if it wasn’t for the fact that I needed to pee and Saints weren’t playing

I’m ending the day feeling OK. I don’t feel low, just flat. I’m trying to rationalise this by telling myself that I am making progress and that this is the point.

Progress, not perfection and progress take practice and also requires patience, so today, everything isĀ OK.

One breath at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Peace and LOVEĀ (The Force) will be with you, always.

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