JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 03 Febrary 2016

I was rather lucky to make it on time to the doctors this morning, as I had remembered to move my alarm clock, so that I have to physically get out of bed to switch it off. However, I had forgotten to turn the alarm on. I woke up at 08:15 and my appointment was at 08:30. I arrived at 08:25. I really can move my ass when I need to 🙂

The only thing my blood test showed up was a lack of Vitamin D, which is pretty much ‘normal’ for any Brit this time of year.

I AM happy that I AM well and so was the doctor. Lesson learnt. And that lesson being, if you are more emotionally intelligent than someone else, have compassion for them, for they know not what they do or say sometimes. (I believe this was what Jesus’s was saying to the heavenly father as he was being flogged half to death by the Romans.) It’s simple really.

Whilst I’ve stumbled onto this topic I AM going to elaborate on something.

In my humble opinion, there is a difference between being educated and being intelligent. Being educated does not mean that you are automatically intelligent. In fact some of the dumbest people I know of are highly educated. Following in the footsteps of someone else, just because you ‘believe’ what they said or say is true, do not mean you are intelligent. It simply means you can learn to remember facts and you can follow instructions. The world is full of ‘educated’ people and look at the mess the planet is currently in.

Intelligence, IMHO, is the ability to place oneself outside of the box and see things from different perspectives. Indeed enlightenment is the ability to see things from every perspective. Is the ultimate purpose of LIFE not to achieve enlightenment?

The same logic can be applied to age and wisdom. Being old does not necessarily mean you are wise. In fact some of the dumbest people I know are old. (I use the word dumb simply as an adjective, not as a judgement of character. There is nothing wrong with being dumb, unless you profess to be intelligent and them demonstrate otherwise by causing harm to yourself or others.)

Anyway, I have purchased some vitamin D tablets, problem solved.

The highly of my day was this afternoon. I have been doing some freelance journalism for an IT Networking magazine. They have some really old IT and so I’ve also been helping them migrate to Office 365. Today was the day where we finally moved the boss over from her old PC to her new laptop. This meant that I could then plug her old monitor into the laptop, giving her dual screen capability.

I couldn’t believe her reaction when she started to play with it. It was adorable and joyful.

I’ve spent 20 odd years working in IT and most of the time people really don’t like you because you’ve changed something or something IT related is broken and it’s your fault.

I remember when I started, people where so happy when you helped improve how they could do things and then it just go a bit boring and a bit thankless. Today was a reminded that it’s not what you do, but who you do it for and/or with.

It’s easy to feel down or lose your self-esteem if you hang around people that drag you down. At the end of the day we are all one and the same. (For this to make sense you need to understand that we all share consciousness and that that singular consciousness is simply witnessing all the differences that we perceive and interpret about reality. Consciousness is witnessing everything in the same way, thus we are all one. If this doesn’t make sense try this: close your eyes and let everything in your mind go, become aware of nothing. If I do the same then we are experiencing the same reality at the same time, thus we are one and the same, in the moment. So in that moment, we have both shared consciousness within the eternal moment.) We are one.

Anyway, if we hang around people with lower energy vibrations that we are use to, then we get sucked into their world, which isn’t always good for us.

The ability to give away energy, without feeling drained is a trick that can take time to master. I AM still in the process of learning, but I AM confident that my recent experience has taught me how to draw from life’s energy in abundance, so I no longer have to concern myself with others trying to take my energy. I AM also much better equipped to both defend myself and to simply reflect back LOVING KINDNESS to those who would choose to do me harm.

This is why I AM learning Yoga and I AM learning Aikido. I AM better than I was and I AM continuing to get better every day.

A BIG thank you to daisywillows for her amazing posts over the last few days and for reminding me not to want to be better, but to simply be better.

Today I AM better, again 🙂

May peace and LOVE be with you, always.

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