JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 14 April 2016

I have the answer, but what I am still learning is that there are many more questions that I am still unaware of. What I mean by this is that I see the world without time, without form and from the perspective of the observer (consciousness). I see my mind. I see how it works and how it operates and I know that if I am not vigilant I can become deluded by my thinking egoic mind. For me, this means being present with my true self and with this presence I am connected to all things.

However, many people are not even aware of this enlightened state of Being because they are too busy being caught up within their own mind. This is fine. Every individual human being is on their own journey of self discovery, of self-realisation and self actualisation. The irony is that once we truly meet our true self and we achieve enlightenment, we know that there is no more individuality, only a singular consciousness that is ever present and everywhere.

So my intention moving forward is to try and understand how other people view their reality, when they pass it through the filter of their egoic mind.

Religion is religion and is based on teaching and belief and requires faith. However, enlightenment is to Be enlightenment. There is no faith required, because you are enlightened. It is a state of Being where the mind is exposed to pure consciousness (God), and in that moment the mind cannot argue with what it is witnessing because it has been separated from the identity and the illusion of the physical form.

I see the wisdom in much of the spiritual teachings of todays mainstream religions, but I cannot follow them with blind faith because I know what they are based on. Jesus, the Buddha, Mohamed, even Gandhi and Einstein all talk about the same thing. The message is the same, but the delivery is slightly different each time. This is why I say that I have the answer, but I am looking for the different questions.

I am interested to learn as much about how people see and construct their reality, so that I can help them deconstruct it. My enlightenment is my gift and one that I would love to share with anyone and everyone. I do this so that they can break free of mind and into the realisation of the enlightened Being and the end of suffering.

So at alpha today we have learnt about the devil, which really doesn’t sit well with me because it seems to promote the very thing that stops us from pushing through into an enlightened state. This is of course – FEAR.

For most people fear is not real, it is a state of mind. They can see danger is real, but true fear eludes them. I once thought like this. However, fear is a state of Being that must be experienced in order to invite the death of the egoic mind. This is the premise behind ‘the dark night of the soul’ and is essentially the collapse of reality, whilst still remaining present. When everything that you think is true suddenly becomes not so, you feel true FEAR as there is no one on earth that you can look for reassurance from. You are alone, yet you are here, now, present and connected to everything. You KNOW what is real, you no longer think what is real. It is the moment where everything changes, but everything stays the same. The paradox of enlightenment.

I have never experienced true evil. I have done things that I was once highly ashamed of and would never consciously chose to do again, but it was not the devil that was making me do these things. Nor was I evil. I was ill. Mentally ill. There’s the clue. My mind was unwell because it believed whatever it wanted to. There was no demonic force at work, simply the human condition of ‘I think therefore I am’.


I fully accept that ‘a power greater than myself’ restored me to sanity, but that power was my conscious Being. I took responsibility for myself, my thoughts, my feelings and my actions and I looked inward to where the insanity was coming from. Once I began to see how my mind was operating, I could watch it and start to let things go. Over time and with practice my powerlessness over my thoughts, feelings and actions became less because my awareness of consciousness became greater and greater, to the point where I became fully conscious, and with one final push I broke through the lies (FEAR) of the mind and saw myself as I truly am.

This is why Jesus said:
NIV – John 14:6

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

This is directly comparable to Buddha saying:

When the student is ready, a master appears.

God (consciousness) is always present. The problem we all face is breaking free from the prison of mind and into a fully present and self-conscious state of Being. In that moment we realise that we are God and that we are everything, nothing and all things in between. The beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

Most people can’t or won’t accept this truth, so they never even try to break free and this is primarily due to religion and the fear that they teach us to believe in.

If you want to experience the Life Eternal that Jesus spoke of, then you must learn to unlearn everything that you have ever believed to be true. You must do this because it is all nonsense, ALL OF IT and it has created and fed your egoic mind over the years that you have sat there watching yourself become less and less present. It happens so slowly that you are completely unaware of how unaware you really are.

I always said to myself that I would never believe in God until I met God. Then I met met myself and then I met God. Now I can believe in God because God is within me and God is everywhere. Consciousness is within me and consciousness is everywhere.

However, I have never met the devil and here in lies a good question. Do I want to meet the devil? The simple answer is NO. Not because I am fearful, I am not, but if I AM the one manifesting my reality, if I choose to indulge in the creation of a demonic spiritual Being, I am going against my own proof of experience that tells me God (consciousness) is everywhere and God (consciousness) is everything. In this headspace, there is no room for evil or the devil, only a morality that tells me to work for the greater good.

On the whole I love the Christian faith because it is mostly about a loving God and a man who was so enlightened that he paid the ultimate price for standing by the conviction of this own truth. Let’s also not forget though that the Buddha achieved his enlightenment about 500 years before Jesus and wasn’t tied to the dogma of the Jewish Old Testament and Einstein was a quantum physicist.

If you are a seeker of truth then my advice to you is doubt everything, test everything, ask more questions than you can answer and above all else only trust what you know and only know what you have experienced. Everything else is a belief and a belief is just another form of mental illness. To believe something means to recall a teaching from someone else in the past, this act removes you from the present. To know something only requires your conscious awareness of what is NOW.

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  1. excellent post, Dan. I have read about the dark night of the soul… There is a process and feeling the fear and all our monsters and going through that process is one of the things we have to do to be enlightened . I also have a problem with following religion although I see they are based on the same thing. 🙂

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