JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 22 April 2016

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

From my experience, Being present is two fold.

Firstly, one must break through the fog of lies that the mind creates and see ones true self without the limitation of space and/or time. This is easier said than done, because only you (or more accurately i) can define what is real. (We believe that reality is manifesting itself for us or that God is doing it for us. This is not so. I AM manifesting my own reality, but most of the time we are so unaware of who we truly are that the ‘I AM’ is unconscious of its responsibility as creator of our own reality. Even if you don’t really understand what this means, I bet deep down you know it makes sense as you read it, right?)

Secondly, to remain present one must unshackle ones self from both the past and the future. This can only be achieved through the integration of learning from PERSONAL experience.

When you become aware of it, you will begin to notice that life speaks to us. Every single thing that has ever happened in your entire existence, has happened because it was supposed to and what’s even more incredible is that it happened just for you! (You made it happen, it was inevitable.) You’ll understand this when you truly enter into the NOW.

Very few achieve this perpetual state of conscious awareness, because the mind has not yet integrated all the learning that has been specifically given to it, so it continues to question ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘where?’, ‘when?’, ‘who?’ and ‘how?’. Once all past experiences have been fully and consciously acknowledged and integrated into the present state of Being, the past no longer has any use, because all learning can be given instantaneously in the NOW. The future also collapses, as we become aware of the fact that I AM manifesting my own reality. I AM the choice I choose to Be.

I see the path (or stages) of enlightenment as follows:

Firstly – there is the STUDENT. This is most people. Very few people are even aware of their own existence and are caught up in the drama of mind conflict. They are not even aware of a path, let alone a gate that they must pass through. These are the dangerous, sleeping masses. The walking dead. The people who are quick to anger, likely to control others, and emotionally dependent on ‘things’ external to themselves.

Secondly – there is MaSTER student. Once you have passed through the gate of enlightenment, you are aware of a shift in reality, even though, ultimately the illusion of reality remains similar to before your passing. (Essentially you have died and been reborn.) Learning and integration of learning becomes quicker because there is a conscious presence that now knows I AM not my mind.

Thirdly – there is simply mAster. Very few achieve this level of enlightenment, as it requires a depth of understanding, dedication, discipline and commitment that few can afford to sacrifice their existential existence for. Jesus and Buddha are but two examples of mAster.

During my enlightenment I experienced many wondrous things that I struggle to explain, but can understand their meaning. However, there is still one thing that I cannot explain because it was physically impossible. It involved objects literally disappearing, reappearing and transforming. The only logical way I can describe it is that it felt like magic, so I now have to believe in magic, because there is no rational or logical way that I can explain what I PERSONALLY witnessed.

When I began my journey of self discover and self improvement almost 2 years ago, my mission statement was simple:

To be the best possible version of myself.

I feel like I have lost sight of that over the last few months. Each of us holds within a capacity to not only perform miracles, but to become the miracle of our own creation.

When I sometimes stop for a moment to admire the beauty of creation, my mind cannot comprehend the enormity of its own existence. It gasps at the concept of reality. The illusion of matter and time and of existence drops away for the briefest of moments and I am once again looking at the gate. All too quickly my mind closes the door and I am pulled back into the mundane and I AM lost in the past/future dilemma of the egoic mind.

I do know that if I reaffirm my mission statement and

Be the change I choose to B|C in the world

then I stop searching for the one thing I am looking for and I become the one thing that I AM looking for.

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