JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 06 July 2016

At tonight’s SAA meeting, the topic for discussion was spirituality (prayer and meditation).

Today, for the first time, I spoke about my spiritual awakening, which happened to me almost a year ago.

I’ve been really reluctant to share openly about what happened to me, as I was worried that people wouldn’t understand and would think I was crazy. That didn’t happen tonight.

I have only shared parts of my experience with a handful of people and so tonight was a big step forward. I’m not sure why I experienced what I experienced. I mean, I know why I experienced it, I’m just not too sure what I’m supposed to do with it? I mean, Buddhists can practice a lifetime and never achieve enlightenment. Christians are still waiting for the second coming. Yet I have seen it all. The question is, would you believe me if I told you?

I should say that my experience was no small thing and whilst it answers every question that I’ve ever had about the meaning of life, reality, time, space, matter, energy, consciousness etc. it has also opened up a whole new set of questions. Like why me? If I am to trust what I have been shown and experienced then I know what is in store for the rest of the human race. I know what the answer is. I know the future.

That’s quite a responsibility.

So I have decided, all I can do right now is share with honesty and have hope that those I share my truth with are able to understand and provide whatever insights they are suppose to.

A year ago, when my enlightenment came, I came away from it with a sense of grandiosity, like I am the chosen one. Am I? But today I am humble and I continue to seek greater and deeper humility. I can only know what I know and for the time being, that is enough. If others want to know what I know then I can share and teach, but it’s not for me for put upon other or to preach.

If others are happy, then for now, let them be happy, but things are about to change and their veil of happiness and the illusion of control is about to be lifted. The dawn of a new age is upon us. The light is beginning to shine through the ever present darkness.

I am also learning that I don’t need anyone else to believe me, because I know what is, and just for today, that is enough.

If you’ve found and experienced your truth then I would love to swap stories of our experiences.

In short, I have self-actualised, become enlightened, experienced The Dark Night of the Soul, entered into The Void or The Realm of the Unmanifested and entered into The Kingdom of Heaven. Oh and I also met the Heavenly Father (aka God) too. It’s all real and just as the holy stories describe it, but it’s nothing like you would or could possibly image and I think that’s the point. Sorry, I know that’s the point lol

(If you know what I am talking about then you too will know why the Buddha laughed and Jesus said he was God.)

Seriously though, I would love to hear from anyone who has had a spiritual experience, large or small.

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