JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 27 July 2016

Getting to sleep last night was painful. Both my body and mind were very restless and I found it very difficult to find any peace. There was a lot of distress and anger too. I ended up in a very strange mental place before I finally managed to get to sleep.

I didn’t get up when the alarm when off, although I did manage to get up at about 09:00.

We did an hour of Chi Gong after breakfast. After that I felt like my energy levels were really low and dropping, which is strange as this is the opposite of what I was expecting.

We took a drive to the local cafe for some lunch and then after that went for a walk up Wyn Hill. The view from the top was stunning, as were the views as we made our decent.

We played a little boules when we got back, which was fun and actually helped me to start to relax. This needs to be acknowledged, as it was a really important turning point in the day. As I began to feel like an equal participant in the game, I loosened up and started to come out of myself. I then started to enjoy being me and interacting with the other members of the group.

I/we had a laugh over dinner and then watch The Bucket List when we got back.

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