JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 07 August 2016

I’ve been in a pretty perpetual state of anxiety today. My head hurts and I have a sensation of pressure on my chest and tension throughout my upper body.

I’ve meditated twice again today. Once for twenty minutes when I woke up and then for an hour after I had eaten breakfast and showered.

During the second meditation I was able to sooth my mind sufficiently, that I could witness a change in the pressure tension within my head, but sadly I couldn’t push through to the point of realising my full conscious awareness, like I did on Friday.

I’ve done some more reading around my CoDA Step1 today and have also been to my Sunday evening CoDA meeting. I was in a state of high anxiety during the meeting and wanted to run off as soon as it ended, but I hung around and went for a coffee with people afterwards.

The chat afterwards managed to take my mind of the anxiety, so I’ve been feeling calming since I got home.

Hopefully I can get a good nights sleep and wake up present tomorrow morning.

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