JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 05 November 2016

I’ve spent almost the whole day in bed, either sleeping or watching TV. Mostly sleeping.

I woke up at about 05:15 and I felt great. I felt loved, loving and lovable. As I tried to get back to sleep I imaged the type of person I wanted to be the next time I walked into the chemist to get my prescription. As I pictured the scene, I felt wonderful.

I had a surge of energy and enthusiasm for life, so I decided to get up at 06:00 and make breakfast.

I took my porridge back to bed with me, watched an episode of Arrow, followed by The X-Files and then felt tired, so I went back to sleep. I woke up again around 14:00.

I spent the rest of the day in bed watching TV and dozing. I ate about 20:00, then watched more TV until about 02:00 in the morning then went to sleep.

I think I’ve drunk enough water today, but I have felt absolutely whacked. I had a little energy after I had eaten dinner, but really had no desire to get up and do anything. I’ve felt OK in myself all day. In fact I’ve felt really good in myself, I’ve just been beyond tired.

Is this the effects of the medication? Is this the effects of yesterday? Did I drink too much coffee yesterday? Is this depression/recovery?

I’m trying not to think about the above questions and just accept that I’m physically tired and need to rest.

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