JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 31 December 2017

I don’t feel inspired to write this journal entry today. I’ve got something of a headache, I feel tired and generally a bit shite because it’s yet another new year. Same shit, just on a different day. I know that real change take a long time and a lot of effort, so all this ‘new me’ nonsense is just bollox. I find this holiday season to be particularly draining and irritating.

I had a little sleep for about half an hour this afternoon before the rugby, but I felt sluggish today and yesterday. Part of me wants to stop taking the Aripiprazole and half the dose of Fluoxetine but I’m not going to. If I don’t feel well again tomorrow then I’ll think about making a doctors appointment this week, but I hope this might just be the effects of the cold bug that is going around at the moment.

Yesterday I said I wanted to explore my anger issues, but to be honest I can’t be arsed today. I’ve done everything that I said I would do today, my meditation, breakfast, a short walk and I’ve been in bed since about 19:30 but it’s only now at about 23:00 that I’m thinking about going to sleep. There have been some young people making a lot of noise outside, which now seems to have stopped but I know that if I’m not asleep by midnight I won’t be able to sleep for all the fireworks. Jeez I sound like a miserable old git lol

Happy New Year

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