JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 25 May 2019

Not a lot to write home about today. I’ve felt like I was only functioning at about 40%, even with a single cup of coffee. It’s been slightly unpleasant in its sensation, but nothing too extreme.

My sleep pattern has been a bit disturbed . I woke at about 02:30, then again at about 05:30, but didn’t wake up and get up until 10:30. I couldn’t stay awake the whole day and needed an hour or so’s sleep in the afternoon, which hasn’t affected me this evening, as I’m ready for bed at about 21:30. I’m feeling tired now and don’t think I can handle anything else today.

I’ve been cool with being in this state, as it’s mostly a physical tiredness, so part of me wonders if I’m still slightly dehydrated, although I have been drinking a lot of water. I’m comfortable with my MiND basically shutting down, which I think I can attribute to acceptance. My body is telling me that I’ve overdone it and I’m listening, rather than trying to fight it. I probably have popped and I’m too closer to the limit, so I need some downtime in order to recover. I don’t feel mentally unwell, which is good after how I felt on Wednesday. No sign of depression, anxiety or anything more serious, just general tiredness. I’m hoping that a few days of literally doing NOTHiNG should help boost my recovery.

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