JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 22 June 2019

I feel in better spirits today, as if the fire was listening yesterday and has done as I asked by taking away my fear, anxiety and hubris and returned to me patience, confidence and humility. Of course this could also coincide with my decision to start taking my anti-psychotic medication every day again, rather than every other day, but then isn’t this the true nature of synchronicity? Where one plane of our existence is in sync with another, such as the physical (medication) being in sync with the spiritual (firewalking), which culminates in a mental change? I used to want to put a change like this down to a single reason, but now I find it far more interesting to see LiFE in a much more multi-dimensional perspective.

I feel like I’m owning my REALiTY more today and I feel more confident about my own LiFE experiences and my perception of how the universe works. This lead me to write two separate blog posts for my sister sites today. The first article was for my books website on (((SHARE)D) CONSCiOUSNESS) ( entitled I NOW NOTHiNG. I NOW KNOW SOMETHiNG and then on my personal DANiEL EWEN ( website entitled I want NOTHiNG. i do not want.

This raises an interesting dilemma, because I have three separate sites, for three different reason, but they are all linked under one umbrella. My reason for keeping them separate is that this site is purely for my JOURNAL, which is my space to use as I see fit to process what goes on for me each day. Then there is my primary site, which is mainly for me to write about my experience, strength and hope in recovery from mental illness and addiction. Finally there is, which is a space for me to put stuff out there relating directly to my upcoming book. If you browse any of these sites though, you’ll get the impression that they are one, as they share a common navigate scheme.

The only issue that has come up, is that people who kindly choose to follow either of my WordPress sites, may not realise that the one umbrella site is actually 3 sub sites, and therefore won’t automatically follow all three. I guess this is a trade off, because I do feel it’s the right thing to separate the three brands, even though they are closely linked. For me, it’s not so much about the following, although I’m told that this is kind of important if you’re planning on publishing a book. It’s more about me making sense of what is in my head and allowing the universe to connect me with the right people. I’m more interested in quality feedback for enlightened fellows, than hundreds and thousands of likes and follows.

I’ve really enjoyed the writing today and haven’t wanted to do anything else. It’s felt like I’ve been in the zone, that I just needed to get some things out of my head and onto the page, but by about 5pm I was ready to down tools and have a little fun. I started playing Titanfall 2, which is absolutely awesome. I’ve got about half way through the campaign this evening and feel like I’m starting to get the hang of the whole shooter genre. I usually just stand there, line the shot up and then don’t move, which means I end up getting blasted to pieces. I’m learning to keep on the move, so I’m actually dying a lot less.

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