JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 22 July 2019

Today’s medication: 25mg Sertraline

I’ve felt inordinately tired again today. I didn’t wake up until 11:30 and I’ve spent large portions of the day in bed. I haven’t slept much whilst I’ve been in bed either, but I have felt the need to lie down and rest.

I’ve felt a little different in the head today too. I’m being mindful that this probably has something to do with tapering off my medication. It’s not a bad sensation, but there is definitely something going on. I can’t really explain what it feels like, a bit spaced out perhaps, a bit disconnected? but these aren’t new sensations, it’s more like the volume being turned up slightly on existing sensations. What’s interesting is that I’m aware of the changes and I’m not being freaked out by them.

I haven’t wanted to do anything today either. I’ve had a real lack of interest, apart from this evening, when I finished off the last part of my July issue of the Xbox magazine, but apart from that, I’ve been content to close my eyes or just stare into oblivion.

I was looking at some photos yesterday, which reminded me that I was in pretty good shape physically when I used to eat mainly chicken stir fry’s, so I decided to eat a vegetable and rice noodle stir fry for dinner. Maybe my lack of energy is being cause by my indecision when it comes to my diet too? I’m not fully committed to keto, but I’m not really eating a lot of carbs either, I’m sort of dancing around both options. I can’t live of oat cakes, humous and cheese for the rest of my LiFE either.


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