JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 24 July 2019

Today’s medication: 25mg Sertraline / 5mg Aripiprazole

I wasn’t intending to talke the Aripiprazole today, but the feeling of insomnia hit me this evening, so I popped one after spending a couple of hours in limbo, not sleeping. It may all have been heat related though, as it’s been hot today and was still hot this evening, but the sensation was very similar to what I have experienced previously.

That said, I’ve generally felt good today. I’ve felt like more like me, like my personality is expanding. I’ve also had more energy and felt more connected to myself. Is this coincidental that I also began reading a book on self healing with Reiki today? Even though I’m Reiki 2, I still don’t get it. I understand the principle of channelling the Reiki, but I don’t get where I’m channelling the Reiki from.


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